Thank you so much for visiting Baking Wizards. We're a small family-owned business inspired by our children.

In the modern age of devices, we encourage our kids to get involved in fun creative things. And baking is one of our favourite activities.  

I searched far and wide for a quality kids baking kit, but was never satisfied with the ones I found. They were poor quality and not suitable for real cooking.  

So one day out of frustration, I decided to create my own Kids Baking Kit!

This Kids Baking Kit is a labour of love for me.  

We have tried hard to make this the best Kids Baking Kit on the market. Thus we invite you with open arms to join the Baking Wizards Family!  

We have many more products on the way this coming year, so watch this space.  

if there is anything we can do to help, please don’t hesitate to email our team at contact@bakingwizards.com Sharan Owner, Baking WIzards  

P.S Please feel free to share some of your creations with us on Facebook.  

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